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Kerbury Business Centre are able to provide you with support through our remote connectivity system. This means that, with your authorisation, we are able to take control of your computer system to help resolve your issues.

All you need is a broadband Internet connection and there is no installation required. We just run a small application which will then allow secure connectivity to one of our technicians who can operate your computer remotely and securely from our office. All connections are totally secure.

There are times when remote support is unable to fix your computer we are happy to arrange engineer to visit your site on a chargeable basis*

*This is free to our contract and total support customers.
PC Support from as little as £15.00 per month

For additional security and peace of mind, ALL communications between our company and the customer are encrypted. We cannot access your machine unless you are running our remote software, and we cannot access your machine after the session has closed.

Click on the button and follow the prompts and quote
the access code to our technical staff.